Big News!
We have just been awarded a 2017 ️🏆“Gold Standard Restaurant” ️🏆award by RestaurantsIreland.

We achieved the 🌟Gold Standard🌟 based on the extremely positive reviews and feedback we have garnered on line on a variety of social media platforms. Thank you all so much! We would like to share our delight with our customers that we have achieved this award as the positive feedback and reaction to what we do makes it obvious that we are doing a lot of things right.

Many people are involved in Little Venice achieving this award and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone.

Firstly our loyal customers, who give us the greatest compliment by giving us repeat business and great reviews. Thank you.

Our suppliers who work with us in providing the best products and service, and who work with us in developing and improving the Little Venice experience.

Finally, and an extra big thank you, to all our staff who work tirelessly to give the customer the best experience possible. Both front of house and back of house staff work their socks off, and Little Venice receiving the 🌟Gold Standard🌟 award is acknowledgement of all that hard work.